Before the western side of the earth connected with the eastern side of the earth, or more specifically, before any country knew there was more out there than just their own dynasty, every monarch shared something in common, regardless of race, power, age, views, or even  the different rumors about them. They all knew how to enjoy life physically, from hunting to polo, to attending plays and afternoon tea parties. The royals may have been be stressed emotionally, dealing with economic problems or family affairs  but they would never  treat themselves poorly with their material lives. How could they? After all, they represented their countries. So of course they had to set an example by following the latest trends and using only the best of the best, ranging from a multitude of hair styles to books and even food.


“Afternoon tea should be provided, fresh supplies, with thin bread and butter, fancy pastries,cakes,etc., being bought in as other guests arrive.”  -Isabella Beeton (Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management)

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Ice Cream: A Smile In Every Scoop :)

Ice cream comes in a variety of flavors. You have a lot to choose from, and you can either eat them in a cone or cup, or maybe, with just your hand. You can eat ice cream whenever or wherever you feel like it. You can decorate it however you want or you can simply leave it plain. It’s always enjoyable. There’s no age limit to eating ice cream. Whether you’re old or young makes no difference. Everybody loves ice cream. If you want to cheer somebody up, offer them a cup. If your best friend is feeling down, buy her a cone. Want to settle an argument? Have a friendly chat over an ice cream bar. No matter how you choose to eat this creamy delight, you’ll always feel your spirits soar after devouring such a refreshing dessert!

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Why I Love Cake.

This week in class we were given to the opportunity to talk and present to the class about something me either really love or hate. I chose cake.
Now, most people who know me might wonder why I didn’t choose the topic of nutrition/eating healthy, since it’s what I seem passionate about. You can’t go wrong with cake. However, cake is more than just a dessert to me. It represents my family, childhood, and has been a symbol of tradition for many years already. I grew up wandering around my aunt’s bakery and staring wide-eyed at the workers kneading the dough and my dad helping the customers. My parents finally opened their own bakery after a couple of years and I remember being delighted with watching my mom transform simple ingredients to masterpieces and works of art. I helped her decorate the cakes with toys and one of my favorite things to do was toss sprinkles all around the edges of the cake. Although I don’t find too much fun in making the batter and baking heavy loads of it, (the male employees usually do the strenuous physical work!) nowadays I help by decorating the top of the cakes with fresh fruit and icing the sides. I also do customer service and it’s always a pleasure seeing the customers smile when handed their cake. It’s something that my family and I are truly proud of because it brings people together and creates happiness and a joyful environment.


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Chocolate for Breakfast

I love breakfast foods.  Such a simple meal can consist of a variety of foods!  You have the sweet selections such as pancakes, waffles, yogurt, and fruit, and you also have the salty selections such as omelets, bacon, and hash browns.  Each selection selection is delicious on it’s own.

Have you ever had Banana and Nutella Toast?  It’s better than you expect.  Take a perfectly toasted slice of whole wheat bread, spread with a layer of Nutella to the desired thickness of deliciousness, and top with bananas.  The Nutella will melt from the warmth of the bread, transforming it into a fudgey sauce.  The bananas are the cherry on top, with it’s natural creaminess enhancing all of the flavors.  Finally, the toasted bread adds the perfect crunch to the dish.

Banana and Nutella Toast

Moon Cakes: The Symbol of Reunion

Moon cakes: They’re the traditional pastry of the mid-autumn festival that is offered when celebrating between family members and friends. They can be covered by a thin, round or rectangular crust, and can be filled with either red bean or lotus seed paste with a yolk in the center. These delicious cakes are often accompanied by green tea but this delicacy is more than just food to be consumed. Behind the moon cake, there is also a hidden meaning.


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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade: Special Edition Post

This week’s Re:Framed post is dedicated to the college admission season, in honor of all of the high school seniors adamantly waiting for an admission decision.

It is that time of the year.  Everyone has finished applying, and the wait is almost over.  Colleges have started sending out admission decisions.  For me, I have two universities in my sight.  For the sake of privacy, I am going to refer to them as College A and College B.  If I had my way, I would attend College A.

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Risk-taking with Food

By: Julia

In class, we discussed about how to maintain an active blog. Creating one is easy. But in order to maintain an active one, we need to find inspiration and motivation so we can share our ideas and thoughts to everyone. Without unique and eye-catching posts, the public won’t notice what we have to say or show. Losing confidence in your own blog and going idle will cause the rest of the world to ignore it like a speck of dust on the ground. Most of the time, it’s our audience who motivates us to keep on going. We can always play it safe but eventually we have to take risks and hope that the result is worth it. Maybe it’s the controversial posts that will instantly boost your followers, likes, and popularity.

I thought about how creating and trying new food or recipes is like taking a risk. Pushing yourself to do it and knowing the consequence can either be really bad or fantastic is like making a sushi roll for the very first time or trying a UFO (Unidentified Food Object). For example, during Thanksgiving, I tried to make a raw pumpkin pie and half-failed. The pie’s appearance was enticing but it didn’t taste very good, so to the garbage it went! I also made my first sushi roll a couple months ago and it was surprisingly a success. Through these experiences and many other embarrassing ones, I learned to take risks and accept failure or success.

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